• What is 6 Weeks To Financial Freedom About?

    6 Weeks To Financial Freedom is a 6 week online home-study course where I teach you the basics of money management, building wealth and developing a positive money mindset.

  • There are so many finance courses. Why should I buy this one?

    Great question! Choosing a finance course is a very personal decision. You should have a gut feeling that the course content will help you create that big, bold life you're dreaming about. Typically, clients that buy the course suspect they have money mindset issues and want to overcome their blocks so they can create their big, bold life. What makes this course distinct is you have an entire module dedicated to helping you improve your money mindset. It is based on the Money Coaching Core Process. As a Certified Money Coach(R) I take you through the same process I've used on hundreds of clients to help them move through the blocks that are holding them back.

  • Why do you specialize in working with women?

    I saw early in my career many women were raised to believe money matters were the "man's job". This became problematic if they didn't have a man in their life and had to handle things alone. Women tend to outlive men, and experience career interruptions more than men. They worry more about outliving their money and making sure their family’s needs are covered if anything happens to them prematurely. Yet even though many women make most of their household’s buying decisions, the financial services industry has notoriously ignored women's needs. My mission is to change that by guiding my clients toward creating a big. bold life! I designed my process to complement the way women like to work by leading with education and planning, rather than selling a product. Giving women room to feel comfortable asking questions helps them open up about what they don’t understand and what matters most to them. I take the time to give them the information they crave so they're confident in their money decisions.